ui/ux, mobile.

A conceptual app that aims to help newcomers to English speaking countries learn the informal and colloquial forms of English. The goal of this app is to be used as a supplement of the user's English education so that they can understand references to pop culture and assimilate more comfortably in their new environment. In collaboration with Ann Lu and Kathy Lu.

When the users first open the app they are immediately shown the record screen to have quick and easy access to the main feature. The record function allows users to record conversations and any other audio such as movies and tv shows.

Once the users have finished recording their conversation they are given the option to view the transcript and check to see if they made any mistakes.

If the user records audio from a tv show they are given the option to translate the transcript into their language or get a simple explanation.

The app features trending terms used in pop culture in areas such as music, movies and memes from the Internet.

Users are also able to keep an archive of their recordings and transcripts. The favourites section allows them to save specific terms and recordings to revisit.

© 2016 Stephanie Hou